Bredox’s activities extend beyond simply delivering products. We have a lot of chemical expertise and also an extensive knowledge network. We are happy to make our expertise available to our customers and our aim here is to optimise raw material conversion and reduce waste costs. A key element in our knowledge is our operational experience in working with and processing chemicals. We also have considerable knowledge of water treatment processes. We gladly support our customers in implementing a cradle-to-cradle concept. Bredox plays an essential role here by helping customers achieve maximum conversion of raw materials into usable end products and thereby minimising the production of waste. The internal expertise that Bredox has developed for this is available to our customers. In addition to waste processing and the supply of chemicals, Bredox offers a number of services.

mixing chemicals

We have the facilities to mix liquid and solid chemicals. Bredox operates liquid and liquids/solids mixers with volumes from 250 litres to 20,000 litres. Highly concentrated premixes and solutions can be produced at Bredox and filled into bulk containers, IBC containers (600-1000 litres), drums (200 – 250 litres) and polydrums (20-60 litres).

Together with the customer we can develop recipes (private label). We make our chemical knowledge and various laboratory facilities available to develop products together with our customers, monitor quality and answer (technical) queries. If required, Bredox can manage the total logistics chain, from raw material purchase to delivery at the customer’s site, including labelling in accordance with CLP and corresponding MSDS.

contract filling

At our production location in Weert we have the facilities to store, package and distribute chemicals. We have a variety of filling systems and on behalf of the customer can offer various forms of packaging from 25 litre polycans, 200 litre drums to 1000 litre IBCs. We can take care of private labels.

ion exchanger regeneration

Bredox uses various processes to regenerate ion exchange resins. Resins can be delivered in bulk or in columns. Both cation saturated exchangers and anion exchangers that are saturated with metals (such as nickel, copper, tin, vanadium, molybdenum, zinc and mercury) or selective ion exchangers are flushed clean by Bredox. The resulting flushing solution is subsequently processed in our own water purification plant. Ion exchangers that are used to clean water flows can be regenerated by Bredox. After the flushing process, the ion exchangers are prepared for reuse. Bredox is also capable of regenerating mixed bed resins which are used for demineralising water and other purposes. Specific applications of ion exchanger resins can be tested in our laboratory.

application area

Industrial cleaning
Water treatment
Chemical industry
Galvanic treatment