Bredox specialises in processing anorganic chemical waste flows, such as acids (hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride and chromic acid), caustic solutions (degreasers, caustic soda and caustic potash), salts, thin sludge, filter cake, cyanides and hydrogen peroxide.

Waste processing

Our strength is that we can take delivery of waste substances both in small packages and in bulk. We process materials that originate from various industries and sources, such as galvanic and surface treatment, the chemical industry, industrial cleaning and specialist companies that collect hazardous waste. In addition to using in-house processing facilities, Bredox works closely together with multiple specialised processors in the Netherlands and abroad. We hold an extensive set of permits and licences and comply with European IPPC norms. Bredox is certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

The aim of the processing is to destroy, neutralise or refine waste products into materials that are suitable for reuse. After analysing the waste flows, we establish the best processing method. Reuse of (parts of) the waste materials is central here.

At our location we are capable of processing both liquids and solid substances via physical chemical processes. These processes are used to recover metals such as copper, tin, nickel and vanadium. Contaminated acids, from galvanic baths in galvanising plants for example, are refined by us to produce a variety of products, depending on the exact composition.